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Tea Maker with Automatic Water Release
Absolutely no leaking!Pour tea from the pot directly without taking off the lid and inner cup!Automatic release water control!To use this mug,1. Put some tea leaves into the inner pot of the teacup.2. Add boiling water into the inner pot.3. Water-stop valve makes inner pot completely lead-proof.4. Lid the pot for a few minutes5. Press the button on the cover and let tea be filtered and flow out into the outer pot.6. Separate leaves and liquor to avoid over-steeping.7. Remove the inner pot.8. Use the outer pot as serving potFeatures:1. Easy to use, quick brewing, control strength and avoid bitterness.2. All-in-one set, could be used to brew, filter and drink tea.3. No need to bring another cup for personal use.4. Ideal for situations with guests.5. It will preserve the original aroma of teas and could be used for tea tasting.6. Tea leaves could be steeped more times than with other pots.7. Brew flower tea, green tea, pu-erh tea, coffee or tea bags with this multi-purpose pot.Enjoy your favorite tea anywhere!SEBELUM DIKIRIM KAMI AKAN PACKING SEAMAN MUNGKIN DENGAN BUBBLE WRAP (TANPA TAMBAHAN BIAYA).MAKA KERUSAKAN SELAMA PENGIRIMAN OLEH PIHAK EKSPEDISI DILUAR KENDALI KAMI DAN KAMI TIDAK BERTANGGUNG JAWAB DAN TIDAK MENERIMA KOMPLEN KERUSAKAN OLEH PIHAK EKSPEDISI

Tea Maker with Automatic Water Release

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