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Equipped with more than

four decades expertise in coffee beans industry

   Since 1967  

Equipped with more than four decades expertise in coffee beans industry, we have come along by standing at the forefront of the coffee industry platform. Since 1967, we have been distributing raw coffee beans from all around Indonesia to many local coffee factory, traders, and exporters. We cover the entire process from cherry to green bean (full wash, semi-wash, natural honey process, etc).


Our office and factory are located in the capital city of West Java, Indonesia. Thereafter, West Java has been known as one of the best coffee producers for Arabica coffee in Indonesia.  

Following our success in raw coffee beans market, we expanded our business into roasted coffee industry by establishing GENESIS COFFEE. Therefore, we keep maintaining and developing our products quality by using high technology machines along with continuous researches throughout the years. 


In securing our commitment to deliver the excellent products to our customers, we select premium quality of raw coffee beans and process them hygienically and naturally without adding any artificial flavors. Consequently, we maintain the natural process to create a stable maximum flavor, distinctive flavor and most importantly are safe to be consumed.

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